Let’s Talk Music – Charlie Parr

This man is an American country blues musician, born in Austin, Minnesota, United States. He started his music career in Duluth, Minnesota. His influences includeCharlie Patton, Bukka White, Reverend Gary Davis, and Dave Van Ronk.

He plays a National resonator guitar, a fretless open-back banjo, and a 12-string guitar in thePiedmont blues style. As of May 2008, the song “1922” has been featured in an Australian and New Zealand Vodafone television advertisement. As a consequence Parr’s album, 1922, was re-released in Australia on the Level 2 record label in Melbourne.

Though Parr, a self-proclaimed shy person who tends to be an anti-advertiser of his own music feels as though he’s lazy and a flawed guitarist (I couldn’t disagree more).  Picking up a guitar at age eight, Charlie Parr was self-taught and says that his playing is not out of practice, but as a need to play, reinforcing his bad habits.  But when you actually listen to the music, you find a sound that’s immediately moving and deep, penetrating the soul and leaving your heart wrenching.  The sounds are almost haunting and feel as though his singing could be your own personal history, despite never having lived anything like it.  His fretless banjo and steel guitar twang their way into your mind and take hold, making you feel every word and note. Parr’s music has a way of haunting you and sending you into pit of darkness that you feel woe in, but don’t want to leave.

Take a Look below at a genius at work… Then go get some of his albums! Trust us –


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